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Beryl BTN bike hire scheme

Annual membership applications – full time students, job seekers & pensioners
01 / 05

The Beryl BTN Bike Hire Scheme

Through this form, you can apply for a discount on Beryl BTN Bikes. This offer is exclusively available to full time students, pensioners in receipt of state pension, and unemployed individuals in receipt of JSA, ESA or Universal Credit. Please complete this form and provide the necessary documentation to help us assess you eligibility for the discount.

Please note that with this offer you can enjoy up to two rides per day, each lasting no more than 30 minutes, over a span of 365 days. Please note, any unused minutes from your daily allowance will not be carried over to the next day. Additionally, while our standard pedal bikes are available at no extra cost, choosing an eBike will incur a small unlock fee of £1 per ride.

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